Services Platform in Immunology, Drug Discovery & Research Program

Discovering and developing drug hits and leads requires a high level of specialized support and expertise. At ViroStatics our scientists help you do more by providing services that enable predictive answers for drug discovery research. With dedicated specialists and a team of experts in screening, profiling and custom assay development, ViroStatics can support your research team before, during, and after your process of drug research and development.

Our custom SPIDERGRAM biology service program can provide specialized and reliable solutions to develop the most appropriate assay for your research or discovery on target of interest. Dedicated project managers will support you along the process with frequent progress updates.

ViroStatics offers unique assays with competitive prices and with a broad range of applications in drug discovery and immunology, including:

  • Determination of antiviral activity against severe respiratory viruses
  • Toxicity assay in primary cells and in tumor cell lines
  • Apoptosis assay in primary cells and tumor cell lines
  • Mitochondrial toxicity assay
  • Antiviral activity assay
  • Activity assay in tumor cell lines
  • Antiproliferative assay in primary cells
  • Drug synergy antiproliferative and antiviral assays
  • Cell cycle progression assay
  • ELISPOT immunologic assay
  • PHPC immunologic assay

ViroStatics has already delivered validated hit compounds from several internal proprietary campaigns in the past. ViroStatics facility is supported by a team of scientists experienced in HTS and hit finding technologies from the pharmaceutical industry. ViroStatics scientists and researchers are able to address challenging targets and assay systems, assuring robust processes to generate quality data and to support effective and confidential data handling.