Determination of antiviral activity against Severe Respiratory Viruses

ViroStatics can test activity in vitro of any material (drug, biologic, etc.) against new coronavirus and has the expertise to perform such activities and the capability to work in a BSL3 area as required to manipulate new coronavirus according to the US CDC guidelines.

ViroStatics has access to all available variants of SARS-CoV-2 (including Delta and Omicron) as well as other respiratory viruses (e.g., influenza virus).



  • Cytotoxicity of test materials will be determined through standard MTS assay or equivalent in Vero E6. Different concentrations of test substances will be evaluated in order to determine a CC50 (cytotoxic concentration 50%)

  • Efficacy against new coronavirus strain will be determined in infected cells by testing different concentrations of the test materials

  • Viral replication will be measured by ELISA assay or cytoprotection assay and an IC50 (inhibitory concentration 50%) will be determined

ViroStatics can also develop custom assays based on Client’s needs.

ViroStatics expands its respiratory viruses neutralization analysis to aerosol forms. We can test any drug, device and disinfectant against severe respiratory viruse in its natural resuspension milieu.

We can also determine  antiviral activity on  textile products and other porous materials according to ISO 18184:2019 guidelines.

Our Experts at ViroStatics continue to bring forth a variety of testing solutions against SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses (HIV and flu viruses) creating innovative, multi-target assay design to deal with current and future emerging SARS-CoV-2 mutations and faster workflow options.