Ennio Cavalletti, DVM, ECT
Head of Nonclinical Development
Former, Novuspharma, CTE, EOS
30+ years drug development experience

Ennio Cavalletti brings over 30 years of drug development experience to his role as Head of Nonclinical Development at ViroStatics. Trained as a veterinarian specializing in small animal clinics, he started his industrial career at Boehringer Mannheim as Director of the Department of Toxicology Safety.

In 1999, he founded Novuspharma, a company devoted to research and development of antitumor drugs, acting as its Director of Research Services and Operations.

In 2006, Dr. Cavalletti founded EOS (Ethical Oncology Science), a company focuses on the development of oncology compounds acquired through various forms of partnering, acting as its VP Operations. He is a European Certified Toxicologist and contract professor at the Specialty Courses on Laboratory Animals Science (University of Milan) and Clinical Pharmacology (University of Milan & Nettuno, Rome). For many years he acted as the Italian coordinator of the Expert Working Groups for ICH (International Conference on Harmonization of Pharmaceutical Guidelines) by appointment of Farmindustria, the association of national and foreign-owned pharmaceutical companies operating in Italy.

He has authored over 110 publications/posters and is an inventor on 6 registered patents.


Jadranka Rogan, MD, PhD
Head of Clinical Development
CSC Pharmaceuticals and Cyathus Exquirere

Dr. Rogan (MD, PhD, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb) has recently joined ViroStatics as a consultant, she has strong expertise in clinical oncology. In her 25 years service to Pharma Industry she covered positions of Medical director for Farmitalia Carlo Erba office for Eastern Europe, CSC Pharmaceuticals and Cyathus Exquirere, Vienna. Also she ran the Regulatory affairs office and Pharmacovigilance for CSC Pharmaceuticals and was Qualified person for Pharmacovigilance (EUQPPV) for Cyathus Exquirere.

Dr. Rogan will participate in the development program of ViroStatics CDK4/6/9 inhibitors, particularly in the field of oncology and HIV-associated malignancies and will provide ViroStatics with advice and consultation as may be required. She will be specifically involved in the elaboration of the objectives, strategies, studies, results and data generated along the development program. The Consultant’s expertise will allow both a critical evaluation of the strategy, and the suggestion of the subsequent steps to be performed for the full exploitation of the anti-cancer activity of ViroStatics’ CDK4/6/9 inhibitors.


Marco Adami, MSc
Head of CMC
Former, Carlo Erba, Pharmacia, Italfarmaco
30+ years drug development experience

ViroStatics’ Head of CMC has over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry focusing on R&D/Pharmaceutical Development.

Marco Adami served as Director of Formulation Development and Pilot Plants – Pharmaceutical Sciences at Pharmacia & Upjohn and then as Chief Scientist – Pharmaceutical Sciences at Pharmacia, Nerviano (Milan). Most recently he served as Director of Pharmaceutical Technology at Italfarmaco (Milan).

His major responsibilities have been in the identification and development of formulations, manufacture of clinical supplies, and transfer of final products/processes/methods to Production Plants.

He has also provided technical and scientific support to pharmaceutical scientists, implementing a project review system for drug development projects.

He has authored over 30 publications.


Giulia Cugia
Head of Flow Cytometry

Giulia Cugia is a biotechnologist, PhD in Mechanism of Cell Regulation, who gained experience in flow cytometry methods at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo (National Centre of Excellence for Flow Cytometry). During this period she studied the effect of ionizing radiation on cryopreserved T cells by using flow cytometry techniques.

Her expertise includes flow cytometry, immunology and cellular biology.

Dr. Cugia joined ViroStatics in 2011 as Senior Researcher in the Drug Development Unit, presently she is the Head of Flow Cytometry Unit Director (Head of FCU).


Barbara Poddesu
Head of Drug Development

Dr. Poddesu is a biologist with specialization in microbiology and virology and she has fifteen-year laboratory experience in the field of drug discovery.

She works in ViroStatics since 2009 as Senior Researcher dedicated to the development of anti-viral and anti-cancer compounds.

Prior to join ViroStatics, she worked at the Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven (Belgium) and at the Idenix-Università di Cagliari laboratory.