Ongoing Projects

PastedGraphic-4INSTRUMENT: POR-FESR 2014-2020 “Aiuti per progetti di Ricerca e Sviluppo” – Project CUP G87H18000020006

TITLE: Development of innovative drugs against endogenous retroviruses, exogenous viruses and aggressive tumors with particular relevance in Region Sardinia. Sviluppo di farmaci innovativi contro retrovirus endogeni, virus esogeni e tumori con particolare rilevanza nella Regione Sardegna

ViroStatics and the University of Cagliari (Department of Environmental and Life Sciences, led by Prof. Enzo Tramontano) are conducting a Research project with the aim of identifying new potential drugs for the treatment of relevant diseases in Region Sardinia, such as Multiple Sclerosis, viral diseases and aggressive tumors. There is a high prevalence of multiple sclerosis on the island, relative to other Mediterranean populations. This prevalence is among the highest reported so far worldwide. Regarding tumors, the mortality rates are highest for lung cancer and are very close to the incidence rates (77 and 95 per 100,000, respectively). In women, breast is by far the most frequent cancer site both in terms of incidence (1,512 new cases) and mortality (295 deaths), followed by colon-rectum (493 cases and 201 deaths), lung (205 cases and 167 deaths), melanoma (106 cases and 15 deaths), stomach (82 cases and 61 deaths), and uterine cervix (36 cases and 19 deaths). The highest prevalence was estimated for breast cancer (15,180 cases), followed by colorectal cancer with about 7,300 prevalent cases in both sexes. The prevalence is steeply increasing for all considered cancers (with the only exception of cancer of the uterine cervix). This points to the need for improving treatment methods.