One of the greatest challenges in oncology is represented by those cancers that  do not respond to conventional drug treatments. ViroStatics discovers and develops novel, selective, host cell kinase targeted inhibitors for a multifaceted treatment of most aggressive cancers with high unmet medical need.


Consistent with its mechanism of action, the lead compound VS2-370 is more active against CDK4/6/9 dependent tumors, such as aggressive lymphomas, leukemias and pancreatic cancer.

ViroStatics’ drugs display a good druggability profile and some unique features:

  • Selectively target two different kinase pathways that act synergistically against cancers
  • Their potency increases as the aggressiveness of the tumor increases
  • Exhibit a promising safety profile, have good oral bioavailability
  • Preclinical program ongoing
  • Human clinical trials to be started by 2018; strategy for clinical pathway to Proof of Concept elucidated
  • New chemical entities – patent protected beyond 2030