Determination of antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2

ViroStatics can test activity in vitro of any material (drug, biologic, etc.) against new coronavirus and has the expertise to perform such activities and the capability to work in a BSL3 area as required to manipulate new coronavirus according to the US CDC guidelines.



  • Cytotoxicity of test materials will be determined through standard MTS assay or equivalent in Vero E6. Different concentrations of test substances will be evaluated in order to determine a CC50 (cytotoxic concentration 50%)

  • Efficacy against new coronavirus strain will be determined in infected cells by testing different concentrations of the test materials

  • Viral replication will be measured by ELISA assay or cytoprotection assay and an IC50 (inhibitory concentration 50%) will be determined

ViroStatics can also develop custom assays based on Client’s needs.